Materials: none

1. Children form a circle and one child is chose to be "it.
2. "It" walks around the outside of the circle saying "duck" as he or
she touches each player on the head. Players squat down as they
are tapped.
3. If "it" touches a child and says "goose," that child must chase "it"
around the circle before "it" can get back to "goose's" place. If
" it" is caught, he or she must sit in the center of the circle.
" Goose" then becomes "it" and the game continues.


Materials: long jump rope

1. Choose two people to hold the rope.
2. The other players form a straight line and take turns jumping over the rope. The rope begins on the ground, but after everyone has had a turn, it is raised a few inches. If a child's foot touches the rope, he or she is out of the game.
3. Continue raising the rope until there is just one child left who can jump the height.
* A similar game called "school" can be played. When the rope is on the ground it is called "kindergarten." Each time the rope is raised, it is called "first grade," "second grade," and so on.


Materials: none

1. Draw two lines about 40 feet apart. The children pretend to be sheep and stand in their "fold" behind one line.
2. One child is chosen to be the "fox." The "fox" stands in its "den" behind the opposite line.
3. The "fox" and the "sheep" come out and start wandering around the "meadow" between the two lines. The sheep ask the fox, "What time is it?", and the fox answers, "Five o'clock," or "nine o'clock," or whatever. When the fox answers, "Midnight," all the sheep scramble for their fold.
4. The sheep tagged become foxes and the game continues until one sheep is left, who then becomes the new fox.


Materials: broomstick or similar long stick

1. Select two children to hold the broomstick at chest level.
2. The rest of the children form a single line and take turns wiggling
under the broomstick. If they touch it, they are out of the game.
3. The game continues as the broomstick is lowered each time. When only one child is left, begin the game again.
* Play some lively music for the children to dance to as they limbo.


What was your favorite game you played as a child. Play that game with your children and keep it alive!

Life is not a spectator sport!
Get out there and PLAY!