JUNE 2004


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Summer Celebrations! Click here for Adobe Acrobat version. Eight cards on one page. You will find four separate files. Just select the one you want and click. To print bigger cards, just print this web page.
Hooray! It's summer time, summer time, sum sum summertime! Rest, relax, and enjoy a well-earned vacation! But just in case you get a little bored, here are some “cheer cards” you can make to use in your classroom when school starts. Daneene Taylor of Child Care Resource and Referral in Cedar City, Utah, can "kiss her brain" for designing the cards and allowing me to share them on my website. Thank you, Daneene!

Hint! Take one cheer each day and use it all day long. Put it in the box at the end of the day. The next day, select another cheer and use it all day long. After about two weeks, you’ll have a box full of celebrations. Let children choose a cheer out of the box to celebrate an accomplishment or to reinforce positive behavior. The celebrations are also great for a “brain break” or a “smile break.” Encourage your students to create their own cheers and teach them to the class!.























































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