Spy a Shape ("Totally Math" CD)

Do you spy a circle, circle, circle?  
Do you spy a circle in the room?  
Yes, I spy a circle, circle, circle.  
Yes, I spy a circle in the room.

Can you draw a circle, circle, circle?
Can you draw a circle nice and round?
I can draw a circle, circle, circle.
I can draw a circle nice and round.

Square… 4 equal sides.
Triangle…3 sides that slant.
Rectangle…2 long and 2 short sides.

(Make circles with thumb and index finger and put around eyes as you sing.)
(Children point to a circle.)

(Draw an invisible circle in the air.)

Activities:  Let children draw shapes in the air with elbows, feet, noses, and other body parts.

Divide children into groups of 4 and challenge them to lay on the floor and make various shapes with their bodies.

Make spy glasses for spying shapes by wrapping construction paper around paper towel rolls. 


Shape-a-Loo  (“Totally Math” CD)

(Give children paper shapes to hold up as you sing.)

Here we go shape-a-loo  (Roll hands and put up right hand.)
Here we go shape-a-lay. (Roll hands and put up left hand.)
Here we go shape a loo,  (Roll hands and put up right hand.)
All on a happy school day.  (Roll hands and put up left hand.)

You put your triangle in.  (Children hold up triangle and put it in front.)
You take your triangle out.  (Children put triangle behind them.)
Give your triangle a shake, shake, shake  (Shake triangle.)
And turn it all about.  (Circle it in front of them.)