Counting Songs and Rhymes

Over In the Meadow (“Silly Songs” CD)


Over in the meadow in the sand and the sun
Lived an old mother froggie and her little froggie one. 
“Hop,” said the mother.  “I hop,” said the one.        
So they hopped and were glad in the sand and the sun.

(Hold up 1 finger.)

(Pretend to hop finger.)

Over in the meadow where the stream runs blue
Lived an old mother fishie and her little fishies two.
“Swim,” said the mother.  “We swim,” said the two.
So they swam and were glad where the stream runs blue.        

(Hold up 2 fingers.)

(Wiggle fingers as if swimming.)

Over in the meadow in the nest in the tree
Lived an old mother birdie and her little birdies three.        
“Fly,” said the mother.  “We fly,” said the three. 
So they flew and were glad in the nest in the tree.

(Hold up 3 fingers.)
(Fly fingers in air.)

Over in the meadow by the old apple core
Lived an old mother wormie and her little wormies four.  
“Squirm,” said the mother.  “We squirm,” said the four. 
So they squirmed and were glad by the old apple core.        

(Hold up 4 fingers.)
(Wiggle fingers all around.)

Over in the meadow by the big bee hive
Lived an old mother bee and her baby bees five.
“Buzz,” said the mother.  “We buzz, “ said the five. 
So they buzzed and were glad by the big bee hive.

(Hold up 5 fingers.)
(Open and close fist.)

Activities: Assign sets of children to be the different animals in the song. Have them get up and move around appropriately when their verse is sung.

Have children paint a mural to illustrate the song.

Make up additional verses for the numerals 6-10. For example, “Over in the meadow in a home made of sticks lived an old mother rabbit and her little rabbits six…”

Number March (“Totally Math” CD)

Number March

Click photo for larger image

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah. 
The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah.
They all were red and the first one said:
“You’d better catch up, I’m way ahead.”
And they all went marching one by one by one.

(Hold up 1 finger.)
(Put fist in air and cheer.)

The spiders go crawling two by two hurrah, hurrah…
They were side by side and the second one cried,
“I wish I had someone to give me a ride.”
And they all went crawling two by two by two.

(Crawl 2 fingers.)

The birds go flying three by three hurrah, hurrah…
Their feet were bare as they flew through the air 
The third one said, “I’d like shoes to wear.”
And they all went flying three by three by three.

(Hold up 3 fingers and pretend to fly.)

The rabbits go hopping four by four hurrah, hurrah…
They hipped and hopped and bounced and bopped—
The fourth one got tired and down she plopped.
And they all went hopping four by four by four.

(Hop 4 fingers.)

The horses go galloping five by five hurrah, hurrah… 
The fifth in line said “I feel fine;  
“I love to gallop all the time.”
And they all went galloping five by five by five.

(Gallop 5 fingers by tapping on your thigh.)

The fish go swimming six by six hurrah, hurrah…
Their tails went swish and the sixth one wished
He wouldn’t end up as a tasty dish.
And they all went swimming six by six by six.

(Pretend to swim 6.)

The mice go creeping seven by seven hurrah, hurrah…
The seventh was meek, he let out a squeak: 
“I can’t see a thing; I’m afraid to peek!”
And they all went creeping seven by seven by seven.

(Creep 7 fingers up front of your body.)

The worms go wiggling eight by eight hurrah, hurrah…
The eighth one thought, “It’s awfully hot—
I’d like to rest in a shady spot.”
But they all kept wiggling eight by eight by eight.

(Wiggle 8 fingers.)

The monkeys go swinging nine by nine hurrah, hurrah..
The ninth one called to one and all,
“I hope you’ll catch me if I fall!”
And they all went swinging nine by nine by nine.

(Swing 9 fingers in air.)

The kids go walking ten by ten hurrah, hurrah…
The tenth one knew they were so cool,
‘Cause they were on their way to school.
And they all went walking ten by ten by ten.

(Hold up 10 fingers and pretend to walk.)


Let children take different verses and illustrate them. Put their pictures together to make a class book.

*Download the attached book to use with the song by clicking here.