Days of the Week 
(“Dr. Jean & Friends” CD)

Days of the week.  Days of the week.                  (Snap fingers.)
Days of the week.  Days of the week.
Days of the week.

There’s Sunday and there’s Monday,         (Cross over right hand to
                                                                      tap left knee; then left
There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday,      hand to right knee.)
There’s Thursday and there’s Friday,
And then there’s Saturday.

Activities:  Point to the days on a calendar as you sing.

Learn to sing this song in sign language or other languages.

Months of the Year
  (“Dr. Jean & Friends” CD)

January,                                 (Left arm out palm down.)
February,                                (Right arm out palm down.)
March,                                    (Left palm up.)
April,                                       (Right palm up.)
May,                                       (Right hand on left shoulder.)
June,                                      (Left hand on right shoulder.)
July,                                        (Right hand on back of head.)
August,                                   (Left hand on back of head.)
September,                             (Right hand on left front hip.)
October,                                  (Left hand on right front hip.)
November,                              (Right hand on back right hip.)
December,                              (Left hand on back left hip.)
Then you turn around.            (Hands on hips and wiggle.)

Activities:  Sing in sign language or other languages.

Hickory Dickory Dock  (“Sing to Learn” CD)

Hickory dickory dock.         (Fold hands and tick tock back and forth.)
The mouse ran up the clock.(Run fingers up in the air over head.)
The clock struck one,            (Clap one time.)
The mouse ran down.              (Run fingers down.)
Hickory dickory dock.

Two – “Yahoo!”                  (Continue doing the movements above,
Three – “Whopee!”               clapping the appropriate number of times.)
Four – “Do more!”
Five – “Let’s jive!”                   
Six – “Fiddlesticks!”                                 
Seven – “Oh, heavens!”                       
Eight – “Life’s great!”
Nine – “So fine!”                            
Ten – “We’re near the end.”                    
Eleven – “We’re sizzlin’.”
Twelve – “I’m proud of myself.”

Activities:  You can also use your arms like the hands on a clock.  Extend both arms over your head.  On “one,” bring right arm down to the position of “one” on a clock.  On “two,” bring right arm down to position of “two,” and so forth as you sing.

How about a “human clock” to reinforce telling time?  Write the numerals 1-12 on paper plates.  Arrange these on the floor to resemble a clock.  Cut out 2 hands from construction paper.  Attach one to the end of a ruler (hour hand) and one to the end of a yardstick (minute hand).  Children arrange the hands on the floor to simulate the hands on a clock.