Math Office

  • Skills: counting, number words, money, shapes, time, etc.
  • Materials: file folders, tape, copies of concepts you are working on
  • Directions: Tape two file folders together for each child. Add concept pages one at a time and use them to reinforce skills you are working on. Children can set their offices up on their desks as they work independently on math activities.
    Let children use pointers as they sing the songs suggested below.

Click photos for larger images

  1. Number Words “Sing and Spell” or “Spelling Numbers”
  2. Hundreds Chart “Techno Count to 100” or “Country Countdown”
  3. Days of the Week “Days of the Week” or “Today Is Sunday”
  4. Months of the Year “Months of the Year” or “Macarena Months”
  5. Money “Found a Penny” or “I Like Money”
  6. Shapes “Spy a Shape” or “The Shape Family”
  7. Clock “Clock Rock” or “Hickory Dickory Dock”
  8. Math Mat “Addition Pokey” or “Fact Families”

Click photo for larger image

  • Adaptations: Tape two pocket folders together to use in a similar way. Children can store papers they are working on and papers they complete in the pockets.
  • Click here to download the attached pages of number words, shapes, days, months, math mat, hundreds chart, clock, and money.
  • You’ll also find “math pointers” children can use for tracking if you click here.