Just For Fun

Monkeys on the Bed - Make a visual for the finger play below from a pocket folder and spring clothespins. Draw the headboard on a bed on the file folder similar to the one shown. Cut monkeys (I used the ones from my monkeys and alligator book on my April, 2005, website) and glue them to the clothespins. Attach to the pocket on the folder and remove one at a time as you say the rhyme below:

       Five little monkeys jumping on the bed.
       One fell off and broke his head.
       Momma called the doctor, and the doctor said,
       "That's what you get for jumping on the bed."
       No little monkeys jumping on the bed.
       They're all sick with broken heads!

Five Little Monkeys

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Yummy Words - Let children spread icing or peanut butter on a graham cracker.  Next, give them a cup of alphabet cereal.  Challenge them to make words with the cereal on the icing.  Demonstrate how to nibble cereal and put curves and lines together to get the letters you need.

Magic Slate - Each child will need a plastic plate for this experience.  Sprinkle powdered sugar or dry jello on their plate.  Children take their finger and practice writing words, letters, numbers, etc. on their plate.  The best part is licking their finger when they are finished.

Color Song - Erin Cooper from Maryland made up this song to the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

     Red is for firetrucks.
     Green is for grass.
     Blue is for sky and
     Yellow's for the sun.
     Orange is for pumpkins.
     Black is for bats.
     Now we know our colors
     And that's the end of that!

Tell and Draw Story - Click to download the attached story and draw it on the chalkboard as you tell it. After several times, encourage your students to draw and tell along with you.

Gobble, gobble!
That's what I say.
It means have a happy
Thanksgiving day!

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