License Plate Letters - Have children take a sheet of paper and do a rubbing of the license plate on their car for homework. When they bring them back to school, ask them to identify letters and numerals on their rubbings. Can they think of a word that starts with each letter? Can they add up the numerals? Give each child a sheet of cardboard 9" x 5" and let them design their own license plate for their bike.

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Karate Spell - Children will love spelling word wall words and vocabulary words with this activity. Children punch up high for letters that start at the top dotted line. Children punch out from waist for words that start at the middle dotted line. Children kick foot for letters that go below the line. Then children put hands together and "bow" as they say the word.

Mirror, Mirror - Write a different high frequency word or message on a classroom mirror with a dry erase marker each day. Mirrors can be placed over your classroom sink so children can read the information as they wash their hands. A full length mirror works well on the back of your classroom door so children can "take a look" as they are lining up.

THE - Andrea Beschta of Valers, WI, shared this little rhyme:

     You can say "the."
     Or you can say "thee."
     But you always have to spell it T-H-E.

Vowels - Sing this song to the tune of "I Had a Little Turtle."

     I have a little vowel.
     The vowel's name is "A."
     And when it's short it's /a/ /a/ /a/
     And when it's long it's /a/ /a/ /a/.

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