Line Up Chant - Use this as an indicator whenever you want the children to line up:

      1, 2, 3, Eyes on me.
4, 5, 6, put your finger on your lips.
      7, 8, 9, straighten up the line.

Line Up Song - Here's another idea for quieting children before you leave the classroom. Sing this song to the theme music from "Gilligan's Island."

     I'm looking straight ahead of me.
     I'm standing straight and tall.
     My feet are quiet as can be,
     I'm ready for the hall.

Letter Freeze - Try this game the next time your students have to wait in the hall. Call out words and challenge children to make the appropriate letter with their body. For example, "Who can freeze like the letter they hear at the beginning of 'milk.' "

Hint! You could also play this game and have them make the manual sign for the beginning sound, middle sound, or ending sound in words you call out.

Hero Cheer - Try this cheer to remind children of the behavior you are looking for.

     5 - 4- 3 - 2 - 1 - zero. (Hold up fingers and
                           slowly count backwards.)
    Who is being a student hero? (Call out the name of a child
               who is doing the right thing.)

Brain Jump - The next time your class is full of the wiggles, ask them to stand up and see how long they can jump. One by one they will run out of steam and sit down quietly.

You Know What to Do! If a child is not doing what you have asked them to do, look them in the eyes and simply say, "You know what to do!" Quietly stand there until they do the right thing. This empowers the child and will help you keep your cool.

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