Math Fun

Addition Pokey - This great idea comes from Holly Cousins and Paula Reade in Erie, PA. Sing it to the tune of "Hokey Pokey" as you make the motions with your fingers.

     Put 1 finger in.
     Put 1 finger more.
     Shake them altogether
     And then lay them on the floor.
     Add them both together,
     And you don't want to stall.
     Now you have 2 in all.
     Put 2 fingers in. Put 3 fingers more….etc.

Guess and Check - Sandy Elsasser sends home a zip bag with each child and asks them to put objects in it. Sandy then puts their bags at the math center with a sheet of paper where they can "guess" (estimate) and "check" (count and see what the actual amount is).

Guess and Check

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Math Fact Ring - You can make a simple game for older children to practice math facts with a spriral index card notebook. Write the math problem on the front in marker, and then write the answer on the back with a highlighter. Children can quickly "self check" to see if their answer is correct, and they can work at their own pace.

Math Fact Ring

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Count at School Book - Use construction paper (9" x 12") for the pages of this book. Cut out common school objects from a school supply catalog. Glue one object to each page. Write "How many ______?" at the top of the page and draw a line at the bottom of the page. Laminate, punch holes, and bind with book rings. Children take the book and count the various objects in the room. They use a vis-à-vis marker to write the number on the bottom line.

Count at School

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