September 2004

Building Parent Partnerships

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Volunteers - The more parents are involved in their child's education, the more successful their child will be and the more positive their attitude about the school will be. Invite all parents to get involved with one of these opportunities:

Provide Helping Hands

    • Attend meetings, seminars, and
    • Chaperone field trips, make phone
       calls, plan parties, etc.
    • Collect free items for projects, such
       as scrap paper, used children's books
    • Type newsletters, do clerical work
    • Assist with a class website
    • Make games or materials for the
    • Plan service projects, fund raisers,
       carnivals, etc.
    • Be a guest speaker - share their
       culture, trips, career, or a hobby with
    • Volunteer to tell stories, play a
       musical instrument, or teach a
       special lesson
    • Tutor children
    • Loan materials to the school
    • Compile a class scrapbook with
       photos, stories, and children's
    • Serve on a school board, PTO board,
       legislative committee, etc.
Hint! Before "Open House" or your first parent meeting, cut hands out of construction paper. Write items that you would like parents to donate on the hands. (Include inexpensive items, as well as "wish" objects, so that all parents can feel like they can
afford to contribute.) Invite parents to select a "helping hand" as theyleave.


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