September 2004

Building Parent Partnerships

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Portfolio/Scrapbook - Here is a special way to track children's individual progress and save samples of their work. This could be shared at parent conferences, and it could be turned into a scrapbook and given to children at the end of the school year.

Student Portfolio/Scrapbook

At the beginning of each month give children a large paper grocery sack and ask them to decorate it with their picture and a sentence.
Have younger children dictate a sentence. (Children could bring in the grocery sacks, or you could purchase them at a food discount store.)
As the children complete different projects during the month, file their work in their sacks.
Examples might include self portraits, writing samples, drawings, art work, paintings, photos, anecdotal records, books read, interest survey, reading log, cutting and pasting samples, journal entries, spelling tests, etc.
Encourage children to add work they are proud of.
At the end of the year, give each child a blank sack to decorate as a cover.
Put the sacks in monthly order, hole punch, and tie them together with string or yarn.
What a special memento to share and present to parents at your end of year conference.
     • Store paper sacks in a plastic milk crate or box with the open end up. Print each
child's name near the top and file alphabetically.

     • Use a date stamp to date work.

     • Clasp envelopes could also be used to make portfolios. Simply let children decorate the outside of the envelope at the beginning of each month and store samples of their work in the envelope. Put the envelopes together, hole punch, and bind with book rings at the end of the year.
Note! Is the glass half full or half empty? Do as much as you can, and don't internalize lack of participation or interest from parents.
For whatever reason, some parents may not be supportive because of other issues in their lives.
That just means we have to try harder with their children to compensate for it!

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