September 2004

Building Parent Partnerships

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Parents are a child's first and most important teachers, and they are valuable partners in their child's education. Research suggests that the more involved families are, the greater the child's academic success in school will be. This month you'll find activities that will help parents know how much you care about their child. You'll also find strategies to help parents feel needed, appreciated, and a part of the home/school partnership.

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           CLASSROOM NEWS!
    Week of ______________

Headline Skills
skills you are focusing on
math, reading themes,
units of study
Current Events
weekly highlights
field trips
special art projects, cooking activities, games, books

School Notes

meetings and school events
reminders about fund raisers, vacation
     days, etc.
"thank you" to parents who
have volunteered
Around Town
community activities
family programs
home/school projects

Newsletters - Keep them informed! "Advertise" all the great things the children are doing and learning. Include words to the children's favorite songs, finger plays, recipes, websites for children, local events, etc. A format similar to the one above is an easy way to communicate weekly or monthly.
Hint! Choose a different child each week to be the "illustrator" and decorate the newsletter with simple drawings.

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