APRIL 2004


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Put on your lab coats and spark children's curiosity with the materials and experiments you'll find this month! Kids LOVE science, and you will, too, with these easy, inexpensive ideas!



Materials: clear jar or glass, paper towel, sand or soil, popcorn kernels

Directions: Take a clear jar and fold a paper towel so it fits inside the jar. Put sand or soil inside the paper towel. Drop several beans or popcorn kernels between the paper towel and the cup. Water and place in a sunny spot. Children can observe the seed, root, and stem as they grow.

Adaptations: Put an old sock over your shoe and take a walk on the playground where there are a lot of weeds. When you return to the classroom, place the sock in a zip bag. Water the sock and punch a few small holes in the bag. Hang the bag in a window and watch your sock grow! Hint! Throw a little birdseed on the sock when the children aren't watching.



















Materials: 2 stalks of celery (with the leafy tops), 2 clear glasses, food coloring

Directions: Place the stalks of celery in two glasses of water. Add red food coloring to one cup and blue to the other. Have children predict what they think will happen. Observe for several days.

Adaptations: You can do a similar experiment with white carnations or daffodils. You might try splitting one stalk of celery from the bottom half way up. Put one end in blue water and the other end in red water.


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