APRIL 2004


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Put on your lab coats and spark children's curiosity with the materials and experiments you'll find this month! Kids LOVE science, and you will, too, with these easy, inexpensive ideas!


Materials- old white dress shirts (Have the children bring these in or purchase them at a thrift store.)

Directions: Cut the sleeves off the shirts and let the children write their name on the pocket. Whenever you do science, let the children put on their lab coats like real scientists. Relate how you can observe, make hypotheses, predict, experiment, do research, and record data just like real scientists.

Adaptations: Invite scientists (parents, community) to be guest speakers and discuss their careers with the children.






Materials: composition books or spiral notebooks pencils, pens

Directions: Integrate reading and writing by having children keep a science journal. They could write up experiments, record observations, do research by looking in non-fiction books or on the internet, recall nature walks, science field trips, etc.





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