APRIL 2004


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Put on your lab coats and spark children's curiosity with the materials and experiments you'll find this month! Kids LOVE science, and you will, too, with these easy, inexpensive ideas!



Materials: 2 plastic funnels, 4' to 8' of plastic tubing 3/8" thick (available at hardware stores), tape

Directions: Fit each end of the plastic tubing in one of the funnels and tape in
place. Have one child hold a funnel to their ear while another child
talks in. the other funnel. How does sound get from one funnel to
the next?

Adaptations: Make individual phones with paper cups, string, and paper clips. Poke holes it! the bottom of two cups and thread the string through the holes. Tie a paper clip to the ends of the string to keep them in the bottom of the cup. Let children take turns speaking and listening with the "cup phones."
















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