APRIL 2004


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Put on your lab coats and spark children's curiosity with the materials and experiments you'll find this month! Kids LOVE science, and you will, too, with these easy, inexpensive ideas!


Materials: old pennies vinegar salt cup and spoon

Directions: Put 1/2 cup of vinegar in the cup. Add I TB salt and mix to dissolve. Drop the pennies in the cup and stir them around while you count to 25. Take the pennies out of the cup and rinse them off in water. Taaa Daaa! Shiny pennies just like magic!

Adaptations: Put this experiment in a learning center so children can repeat it. You can also shine pennies with ketchup or lemon juice.




Materials: 6 paper plates scissors, stapler red, yellow, and blue clear acetate (These can be found at office supply stores. They are often used for report covers.)

Directions: Using a paper plate as a pattern, cut circles out of the acetate. Cut the centers out of the plates as shown. Staple a different color of acetate in between two paper plate rims. Let children experiment by looking through each color. Next, let them put two colors together and hold them up to the light. Encourage them to name the two colors they put together (primary colors) and the color that they create (secondary color).




Materials: clear bowl, pepper, liquid detergent

Directions: Fill the bowl with water. Sprinkle the pepper on top. Squirt a drop of detergent in the middle of the bowl. Observe what the pepper does. What makes the pepper scatter?



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