APRIL 2004


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Put on your lab coats and spark children's curiosity with the materials and experiments you'll find this month! Kids LOVE science, and you will, too, with these easy, inexpensive ideas!



Materials: pie pan, whole milk, food coloring, liquid detergent (Dawn works best.)

Directions: Place a cup of milk in the pie pan. Let it sit for an hour so it will be at room temperature. Put several drops from each bottle of food coloring down the sides of the pie pan at different intervals. Now, squirt a few drops of the detergent in the middle of the pan. Patiently observe and the colors will explode in the pan. (You might have to jiggle the pan a little to get the action started.)





Materials:magnet, paper cut in the shape of a little mouse, paper clip, cardboard or paper plate

Directions:Attach a paper clip to the mouse. Place the mouse on top of the cardboard. Slide the magnet under the cardboard to make the mouse move.

Adaptations: Put iron filings, paper clips, or magnetic letters in the sand table. Have children go on a treasure hunt and find the objects with a magnet.





Materials: balloon (Use a large balloon and blow it up first to make sure it will inflate easily.), permanent marker, bottle, vinegar, baking soda, spoon, funnel

Directions: Blow up the balloon and draw a happy face on it with the marker. Put 1/2cup of vinegar in the bottle. Put several spoonfuls of baking soda in the balloon using the funnel. Insert the end of the balloon over the mouth of the bottle. Hold up the balloon so the baking soda falls in the bottle and watch what happens. What made the balloon blow up? Have children draw pictures in sequential order of how this experiment was conducted.


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