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Cut triangles out of yellow construction paper. On 20 triangles write words, letters, numerals, shapes, or whatever skill you want to practice. On 5 triangles write “stinky cheese.” Put the triangles in a sack and pretend to shake it up. One child at a time takes the sack and pulls out a triangle. The child identifies the information on his cheese. If he chooses “stinky cheese,” he holds his nose and says, “Stinky cheese!” in a silly voice.

Stinky Cheese

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You can use 5” x 8” index cards or construction paper for this quick skill game. On one side of the card write letters, numerals, shapes, words, etc. Turn the card over and write the same thing on the back. When the teacher calls out a question, each child “pinches” the correct answer with her thumb and index finger. As the children hold up their cards, the teacher can quickly see who has the correct answer.


This game format can be adapted to letters, names, numerals, words, or any skill you are working on. You will need jumbo craft sticks and a can or cup.
  • Write letters (or whatever) on 20 sticks.
  • On two sticks write, “Take a peek.”
                (Children can look in the can and draw a stick.)
  • On two sticks write “Take two turns.” (Children get to draw 2 sticks.)
  • On two sticks write, “ZAP!” (Children must return all of their sticks to the can.)
Place all the sticks face down in the can. Children take turns passing the can around the group and drawing out a stick. They may keep the stick if they can identify the information. The one with the most sticks at the end of the game wins.


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Use an ice cube tray to reinforce place value. Put beans in the section on the left to represent “tens.” Beans in the right hand side represent “ones.”

Place Value

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