Classroom Management Tips -


Hang ribbon from a paper clip with a clothespin at the end. Glue a cut out from fun foam to the end of the clothespin. Tuck the paper clip in a ceiling tile and then attach the children’s work to the clothespin.

Hang Ups

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Do you label materials in your classroom, such as the door, blocks, etc.? During the middle of the year change the labels to complete sentences using sentence strips. For example: “This is the door.” “These are blocks.”


Give each child a jumbo craft stick and ask her to decorate it with her name and designs. Place all of the children’s sticks in a plastic cup. Explain that when you need a student to help you, you’ll pick a stick. That “lucky” person gets to do the special job. Place her stick in your desk after she’s had a turn. When all the sticks have been used up, place them in the cup and begin all over again.

Lucky Sticks

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Say this poem before walking down the hall.

Wiggles, wiggles, go away.
It’s time to walk down the hall today.


 Have children put their hands behind their backs and stick out their elbows and wiggle them. They’ll love their “butterfly arms” as they flutter down the hall.

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