Classroom Management Tips -


Pretend to throw stars to children who are doing the correct thing. Children pretend to “catch the stars” and put them in their pocket. The other students will “catch on” and model that behavior. Here’s a poem to say as you throw stars:

You’re just great.
You’re so fine.
Catch a star and let it shine!


Pirate Cheer – Put one hand over one eye as you say, “Arrrgg! Way to go matey!”

High 5 – Put one hand in the air and then bring up the other hand and slap it.

Bubblegum – Pretend to open a piece of bubblegum and put it in your mouth. Wiggle your head from side to side as you dramatically chew. Then put your hands by your mouth and extend them as you slowly blow, “Whhh! Whhh! Whh!” On “POP” clap your hands together.


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