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Totally Math

Includes the following songs: "Math is Fun!" "Number March," "Five Little Crabs," "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a One," "Chant and Write ," "Sing and Spel,l" "Five Little Monkeys," "Kitty Cat - Position Scat", "Spy a Shape," "Shape-a-Loo," "Days of the Week," "Months of the Year," "Clock Rock," and "Found a Penny."

This CD has 25 songs in all: You'll also enjoy "Everybody Do a Pattern with Me," "Fraction Pizza," "Numbers You Should Know," "Country Countdown 1-20," "Odd and Even Number Bop," "Techno Count to 100," "Skip Counting," "Addition Pokey," "Fact Families," "Granny's Arithmetic," and "Growing Up. "

Titles and words to all 25 of the songs available on our web site.

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