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Going Green with Dr. Jean!

This collection of new songs offers music for environmental studies, science, and social studies. Your students will learn about recycling, conservation of energy, and endangered species by singing along with you and Dr. Jean. "I Know a Scientist," "Basic Needs," "Habitat Homes," and other songs relate to many state standards. You'll also find a remake of "The Planet Song" (to reflect 8 planets) and a new version of "the Presidents Song."

You will discover 21 new songs on the new CD, Going Green with Dr. Jean. Titles include Feeling Fine, The Green Team, Turn It Off, What Will I be When They Recycle Me? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Litter Patrol, Eat Green, Endangered Species A-Z, Earth Day, I Know a Scientist, Water Cycle, Basic Needs, Habitat Homes, Eight Great Planets, Continents Together, Oceans Clean and Blue, My Aunt Came Back, The Presidents, This Land Is Your Land, Arms Are For Hugging, and Arms Are For Hugging (Music Only).

Words to all 21 of the songs can be downloaded by clicking here.

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