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Totally Reading

Totally Reading CD

The goal of this CD is to put a little FUN and JOY back into reading. I hope your children will be so engaged singing and dancing that they won't even realize that they are learning! These songs are based on state standards and reading research and can be adapted for pre-k through primary grades. "Pick and choose" to meet the skills you are working on and areas where your children need reinforcement. There are 39 songs, as well as instrumentals for 10 of the songs, on this double disc collection. Songs are grouped by the essential components: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. When you give children a worksheet they rarely say, "Can we do that again?" With these catchy tunes they will be motivated to do them again and again.

Readiness Donít You Just Love to Read?, Color Train, Deck the Room, Alphabet Antics
Phonemic Awareness Nursery Rhyme Marathon, Rhythm Rhyme, Miss Mary Fill in the Blank, Pepperoni Pizza, Syllable Clap, Put Together Compounds, Word Families

Phonics Happy Birthday Letters, Who Let the Letters Out? (Open version), I Know an Old Man Who Swallowed a Letter, Letter Box, Letter Round-Up, Sweet Vowels, Slide and Blend, Diagraph Walk, The Tools of Good Readers
Fluency Rapping Words, Lifetime Words, Punctuation Pays
Comprehension Who? What? Where? When? Why?, It's Fact and Fiction Time, Where Can You Go When You Need to Know?
VocabularyParts of Speech Hoedown, Endings, We Can Do Opposites, Synonym Stomp, O, Those Contractions
Writing Ready to Write, Pencil Talk, Karate Writing, Writing Uppercase Letters, Rhyme to Write Lowercase Letters, Hi Ho Librario - Parts of a Book, Parts of a Letter
Good-Bye, Friends!

Titles and words to all 23 of the songs on Disk 1 and 16 songs on Disk 2 are available on our web site. Check the menu on the home page. In addition, Disk 2 has 10 instrumentals.

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