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Happy Everything!

For Fall we have sixteen songs: School Cheer, Super Star Chant, I Like to Come to School, Gray Squirrel, Scarecrow, Apple Tree, Grandparents Day, Columbus Day, Stirring our Brew and 3 Little Witches, Halloween Medle, Five Days of Halloween, Veteran's Day, Albuquerque Turkey, Over the River, Gobble! Gobble!, and We Give Thanks. Winter has sixteen more: Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, SANTA, My Dreidel, Holiday Alphabet, Kwanzaa, Ring in the New Yearm, Seasonal Wandering, I'm a Little Snowman, Stand Up for Martin Luther King, 100 Days, Groundhog Day, Abraham Lincoln, Bringing Home a Valentine, Will You Be My Valentine?, and Presidents' Day.

Happy Everything! is one of Dr. Jean's two-CD sets with 51 songs. Words are included. You will find songs for all four seasons. There are eleven songs for Spring: St. Patrick's Day, Five Little Kites, Rain, Birdies, Caterpillar's Story, Flip, Flop, Hop, the Planting Song, Popcorn Tree, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, and A Box for Mommy. Summer provides eight more songs: Take Me Out to the Ball Game, We Love Our Flag, He's My Dad, Swimming, The Fourth of July, Going on a Picnic, Beep! Choo! Zoom! Honk! and School Days.

Titles and words to all 51 of the songs included with the CD.

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