January 2009


Morning Message Music

Kim Callihan from Greenville, PA, wrote this song to gather her children for the morning message. It can be sung to the tune of “My Darlin’ Clementine.”

Turn It Off! (Tune: “Ain't Gonna Rain No More”)

Oh, I can turn it off. (Slap hands together in front of you on the word “off.”)
I can turn it off.
When I'm not watching the TV,
I can turn it off.

Oh, I can turn it off. (Pretend to turn off a faucet on the word “off.”)
I can turn it off.
When there's enough water in the tub for me,
I can turn it off.

Oh, I can shut the door. (Pretend to shut a door.)
I can shut the door.
I can save energy galore;
I can shut the door.

Oh, I can turn it off. (Snap fingers on the word “off.”)
I can turn it off.
Batteries, water, or electricity—
I can turn it off.

Oh, I can turn it off. (Stomp on the word “off.”)
I can turn it off.
If it's something I don't really need,
I can turn it off.


• Let children trace around their hands on the backs of worksheets or other recycled paper. Cut these out and write “Turn it off!” on the palms. Encourage children to tape these by light switches and other electrical items at school or in their homes.

 Green Team

• Make a list of the different types of energy, such as wind, sun, fossil fuel, etc. Have children blow sheets of paper across the floor to demonstrate wind energy. Put a black sheet of paper in the sun and in the shade and have children feel the difference to demonstrate solar energy. What does renewable energy mean?

• Brainstorm different types of fossil fuels. Ask each child to make a list of what she can do to reduce the amount of fossil fuel she uses.

• Switch to CFL’s (compact florescent light bulbs) in your school. They are more expensive initially, but will save money and energy over time.

• Lower the thermostat in your classroom a few degrees in the winter. Ask parents to send in sweaters or sweatshirts for the children to wear. In the summer, set the thermostat a few degrees higher.

• Encourage the children to turn off the water as they brush their teeth or scrub their hands at school and at home.

• Role play saying to a friend or family member, “Turn it off, please!”

• Assign one child each day as the “Power Monitor.” His job is to make sure the lights are off when you leave the classroom and that other machines and materials are turned off when they are not being used.
 Power Monitor

• Learn sign language for “off” and “stop” and use these nonverbal cues to help children conserve energy.


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