January 2009


Going Green! ~ with Dr. Jean
April, 2009 -

Our children are growing up in a rapidly changing world, and they will have to face complex environmental issues in the future. Our earth is a fragile planet that needs to be respected and protected. Through projects, discussions, songs, and modeling, we can give children the skills and determination they will need to face the challenges in years to come.

My son, daughter, and I decided we wanted to DO something to help our environment. What better way than music to instill respect, responsibility, and lifelong attitudes! Most of these songs can be sung to familiar tunes, or you can click here if you are interested in ordering the new CD. In addition to the songs there are many activities that relate to the various concepts. Of course, I had to integrate a phonics song (“Endangered Species A-Z”) and some movement songs (“Feeling Fine” and “My Aunt Came Back”). “I Know a Scientist,” “Basic Needs,” “Habitat Homes,” and other songs relate to many state standards. There have also been several requests to remake the “Planet Song” (reflecting 8 planets instead of 9) and a new version of the “The Presidents Song.” Hopefully, you’ll all find something this month that will spark your children’s interest in the environment and conservation, as well as activities to reinforce skills and standards!

Pete Seeger said that, “Music is a way to help us love each other.” I think you’ll find that particularly true as you sing “Arms Are for Hugging”! You CAN make this world a better place every day starting with a little love and a song in your classroom!


This CD is dedicated with love to David Beadles and his daughter Emmi.


Thanks to Mandy and Eric Johnson for the delightful arrangements on the CD.
Thanks to Sarah Berry, Ben Sewell, and Jonathan Sewell for singing along with me on some of the songs.
Thanks to my son, Nick, for his creative input.
Thanks to my daughter, Holly, for the charming and meaningful lyrics.
Thanks to my husband, John, for always smiling and saying, “Go ahead and do what you think is best.”
Thanks to the most incredible grandson in the world, K.J., for giving us a reason to make the world a better place.

Here are some websites where you can get additional information on how to GO GREEN in your classroom:


Check out our free downloads for this month, too. We have four new Powerpoints and more to come. Just use the Downloads button in the menu to the left.

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