January 2009


Feeling Fine
(Tune: “I'm In Right, Out Right, Happy All the Time”)

I'm in right, (Hold up both index fingers and point to chest.)
Out right, (Point out with index fingers.)
Up right, (Reach up high.)
Down right, (Stoop down low.)
And I'm feeling fine. (Turn around in a circle.)

I'm in right, out right, up right, down right, and I'm feeling fine.
I eat the food that's good. (Pretend to feed self with a spoon.)
And exercise like I should. (Run in place.)
That's why I'm in right, out right, up right, down right,
and I'm feeling fine.


Super Fast!


• Make a T-chart of junk foods and foods that are good for you. Younger children could cut pictures out of grocery store advertisements and older students could draw pictures or write words.

Good Food

• Talk about what all of us can do to be healthy and feel good. Let each child draw a picture of what she does to take care of her body. Put all of the pictures together to make a class book called “Feeling Fine!”

Feeling Fine

• Start each day with active movement to oxygenate the brain! (Children will love to learn what “oxygenate” means.) Sing a movement song, do exercises, or run around on the playground for 5 minutes. You’ll be amazed at what exercise can do to reduce wiggles and help children focus.

• Visit ncpe4me.com/energizers for some great tips for integrating movement and learning throughout the school day.

• Invite a parent who is a health care professional to come discuss her career and give the children advice on healthy living.

• Teach children sign language for feelings, such as happy, sad, sleepy, angry, etc. (Visit aslpro.com and click on the dictionary to see video clips of these emotions.) Start each day by going around the room and having each child sign how he feels. Remind children that it is O.K. to have different feelings.

Good Food

• Have children repeat each line of this poem as they mimic your motions:
I’ve got ten little fingers (Hold up hands.)
And ten little toes. (Point to feet.)
Two little eyes, (Point to eyes.)
A mouth and a nose. (Point to mouth and nose.)
Put them all together and what have you got? (Put hands on hips.)
You’ve got me, baby, (Stick thumbs in chest.)
And that’s a lot! (Wiggle hips.)


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