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In The Good Ol' Summer Time
June, 2008 -

(Some summer reflections for teachers and parents.)

Think back with me to when you were a child...
going barefoot in the summer and running wild.

Long, lazy days and sleeping late.
Bible school, bikes, and roller skates.

Sitting in the grass, feeling the warm breeze.
Playing with friends and doing as you please.

Digging in the sand, going to the pool.
Eating popsicles, ice cream, and watermelon so cool.

Catching lightning bugs, putting them in a jar,
Games of baseball, kickball, and wishing on a star.

Cousins coming to visit, family reunions, too.
Every day brought a new surprise for you.

Fishing, swinging, laughing so carefree.
Wasn't summer sweet for you and me?

Give your children summer memories so they can say,
" I remember how I loved summer," when they’re grown one day!

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