Let’s Use Our Imaginations!

Tents are fun to build, hide in, read a book, or play with a friend.

Card Table Tent

Drape a blanket over a card table or picnic table. Spread a sleeping bag on the ground for a cozy retreat.

Porch Railing Tent

Pin one end of a blanket to the railing of a deck or porch. Pull out the opposite end and secure at an angle with bricks or rocks. This is a "cool" place for a game or nap from the summer sun.

Cardboard Castle

An appliance box or other large box can be a "castle" to a child. Cut out a door and windows with a utility knife. (An adult will need to do this!) Let the children decorate with paints, markers, or crayons.

Car Wash

Cut the top and bottom out of an appliance box and place it on its side so it looks like a tunnel. Cut the bottom off of a large plastic garbage bag. Cut up the seam on one side to open the bag. Cut 2" strips up from the bottom of the bag stopping 3 inches from the top of the bag. Tape the garbage bag to the top of the box to create the swishers, and then let the children ride their toys through the box.

Dress Up

Do you have an old suitcase in the attic or basement? Find some old shoes, hats, jewelry, ties, scarves, nightgowns, or other old clothes and let the children play dress-up.

Broomstick Hockey

You will need children's brooms and a rubber ball for this game. Children hit the ball with the broom and try to get it in a box or designated area.


Take several empty liter bottles from water or soft drinks and arrange them in a triangle. Children stand behind a line and roll a ball, trying to knock down the plastic bottles. Count how many they knock down. Let children take turns rolling the ball and setting up the bottles for each other.

Hint! Fill the bottles with water if it’s a windy day.

Can Catch

Each child will need a Pringle's can and a tennis ball for this game. Children bounce the ball on the sidewalk and try to catch it in their can. Great for eye-hand coordination. They can also play a game by bouncing the ball back and forth with a friend.

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