Let's Play!

Mother, May I? -

Materials: none

1. Children line up with their backs to a wall. 2. One person is “mother” and stands about 30 feet in front of the others. 3. One at a time “mother” names a child and tells them a different motion they must perform. For example, baby steps, scissor steps, twirls, giant steps, or frog leaps. The child must remember to ask, “Mother, may I?” before performing the movement or he is sent back to the starting line. 4. The first one to reach “mother” becomes the next “mother.”

Name Ball

Materials: playground ball

  1. Have the children stand in a circle.
  2. “It” stands in the middle of the circle with the ball. “It” throws the ball in the air and calls out a child’s name.
  3. That child tries to run forward and catch the ball after one bounce.
  4. The game continues as “it” calls out different children’s names.

Call Ball

Materials: playground ball

  1. Divide the class into two teams and have them form two lines about 30 feet apart.
  2. Give each child a number by having them count off. (Two players on opposing teams will have the same number.)
  3. The teacher stands between the two teams, calls out a number, and throws the ball in the air. The first child with that number to catch the ball wins a point for their team.

Howdy Partner

Materials: 2 beanbags

  1. Have children form a circle.
  2. Two children are each given a beanbag to balance on their heads. On a given signal, they walk around the circle in opposite directions balancing their beanbags. (If they fall off, they must stop and pick them up before continuing.) When they pass each other, they must shake hands and say, “Howdy partner!”
  3. The object of the game is to see who can be the first person to return to their original spot. The first one gets to be “it” and choose the next two children to play.

Sneaky Snake

Materials: none

  1. Have the children hold hands and stand in a long line.
  2. Hold the child’s hand at the front of the line and move them in zigzags, spirals, and all around as the others follow behind.
  • See if the “head” of the snake can catch the “tail.”

Ground Basketball

Materials: playground ball, large box or laundry basket

  1. Have the children form a circle with the basket or box placed in the middle.
  2. First, let the children take turns trying to throw the ball into the basket.
  3. Next, divide the children into two teams and let them try to make points for their team by throwing the ball into the basket.

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