August, 2007

I Like to Come to School 

(Farmer in the Dell)

I like to come to school.
I like to come to school.
I like to learn and play each day
I like to come to school.

I like to make new friends... (Find a friend and hold their hand.)
I like to read and write... (Pretend to read a book.)
I like to do math... (Pretend to count on fingers.)
I like to sing and draw... (Pretend to draw.)

We Like School - Let children make up additional verses for the above song about what they like best at school. Ask each child to draw a picture of what they like best. (For younger children, photograph them in their favorite area of the classroom.) Put their pictures together to make a book called "We Like School." Read it each morning to create positive feelings about school.

Business Cards - Children and parents alike will be thrilled with this project. During the first week of school help each child type her name. She can also choose a picture from clip art. The teacher can add his name, the grade level, school, and year. Run off about 10 copies for each child on cardstock and send these home at the end of the week. Children will be thrilled to pass these out to friends and relatives.

Business Cards

Name of My School - Children will have an easier time remembering their school, teacher, and other information when you sing it to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus."

The name of my school is _____, _____, _____.
The name of my school is _____.
That's the name of my school.
The name of my principal is ...
The name of my teacher is...
The number of my bus...

Name of our School

Proud Parent - Here is a book to involve families and recognize children in a special way. You will need a pocket fold and blank paper. On the front of the folder write "Proud Parent" and attach this description:

Today your child is bringing home the "Proud Parent" book.

Please take a moment to write a special description about your child.

You might want to mention physical characteristics, such as eye color, hair color, etc.

You might also write about her brothers and sisters or pets.

Finally, write about your child's special talents and abilities and tell why you are PROUD of them!  A family photo at the bottom would be nice as well.

Your child will be so PROUD when we read the book to her friends tomorrow at school.   Thank you!  Teacher's Name

*It would be helpful if the teacher modeled what to do on the first page.  You could write about your own child, a niece or nephew, or perhaps your pet.

Proud Parent

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