August, 2007

School Friends - Let each child fill out a page similar to the one shown with their name, age, favorite color, favorite book, pet, and other personal information. Add a photo and put their pictures together to make a class book. (Make sure the teacher adds a page, too!) Let one child take home the book each day to introduce school friends to their families.

School Friends

Friend Phone Book - Take a picture of each child and glue it on a sheet of paper. Have them write their name at the top and their phone number at the bottom. (You may need to do this for younger children.) To make a cover for your phone book, simply tear the front and back off your local phone book. Glue a title that says “Mr/Ms. Name Class Directory” on the front cover. Use in the dramatic play center by a play phone or place in the math center with an old cell phone.

Hint! If children have an unlisted number, simply use the school phone number. No one will know the difference!

Friend Phone Book

Graphs - Get to know each other and develop math skills by creating class graphs. You might make a graph of how children get to school, the number of brothers and sisters they have, eye color, pets, favorite pizza topping, favorite ice cream, favorite author, etc.

Through This Door - Make a banner to go over your door that says, “Through this door walk the world’s greatest kids!”

Through this Door

We Can’t All Be Stars, But We Can All Twinkle! - Make a bulletin board that says: “We can’t all be stars, but we can all twinkle!” Ask children what the saying means to them. What is special about them? Give each child a star and have them draw their picture (or use a photo) in the center. On the five points of the star write positive words about them. Put their stars on the bulletin board.

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