August, 2007

Super Star Chant

(Cadence – Children repeat each line.)

(School), (School) is the best!       (Slap thighs or clap hands to the beat.)

(School) is better than all the rest!

We can read and we can write
And our letters are out of sight.
We can count and we can add

And that makes our teacher glad!
We make new friends and follow rules.
Getting along is really cool.
We can learn and we can play

And we prove it everyday!
(School), (School) is the best!

(School) is better than all the rest!

We are super, yes we are.
Look out world, here comes a star.

Super Star Chant Book - Thanks to Martha Shehan for the book to go with this chant.

Super Star Chant

Hello Book - I made this book years ago, but it remains one of my favorite ideas for the beginning of the school year. You will need to take a photo of each child and glue it to a sheet of paper. On each page write, “Hello child’s name!” Put the pages together in a construction paper cover and bind with book rings. Begin each day by reading the book.

Let one child take the book home each evening to share with their families. After the first few weeks of school place the book in your classroom library. Yes, they will still be reading it in May!

Hello Book

Smart Cookies - Kelly Witt of Douglasville, GA, shared this cookie recipe that she makes with her children on the first day of school.

2 cups kindness (sugar)

1/4 cup doing your best ( butter )

1/2 cup honesty  (milk)

3 T Laughter (cocoa)
3/4 cup friendliness  (crunchy peanut butter)

3 C respectfulness  (quick cooking oats)

Mix first 4 ingredients and bring to boil for 1 min.  Pour over last 2 ingredients.  Mix and drop on wax paper

Boo Hoo Breakfast - To ease the transition for children and parents, one school told me they hosted a “Boo Hoo Breakfast” the first day of school. After parents say good-bye to their children, they join the principal in the library for juice, coffee, and doughnuts. It’s a great time to review school policies and ask for volunteers!

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