Line-up Cadence (All Day Long CD)

Slap thighs to the beat and have children echo each line:

Lining up is easy to do (Children repeat.)
When you take care of only you.
Feet together, hands by sides.
We’ve got spirit, we’ve got pride.
Sound off – 1, 2.
Hit it again – 3, 4.
Ready now – 1, 2, 3, 4 – out the door

Let's Pretend

Have the children put “marshmallows” in their mouths.
      (Puff out cheeks.)
And put “marshmallows” on their feet.
      (Model walking slowly and gently.)


Children could also have “museum hands.”
      (Clasp hands behind their backs.)

They could walk “slow motion” like astronauts.

They could also be “secret agents” that no one can see!

Have children blow a bubble around their body.

These two cards are part of the set available this month.

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