In the Dark, Dark Woods

Here's an echo chant that I love to do with kids this time of year.

In the Dark, Dark, Woods
(Children echo each line.)

In the dark, dark woods
There is a dark, dark road.
On the dark, dark road
There is a dark, dark house.
In the dark, dark house
There is a dark, dark room.
In the dark, dark room
There is a dark, dark closet.
In the dark, dark closet
There is a dark, dark box.
In the dark, dark box
There is a .BOOOO!

Practice saying the poem with a "spooky voice."

Turn off the lights and shine a flashlight up from your chin as you say it.

Make your own illustrations similar to those shown by drawing with white out on black paper.

You could also let children illustrate this poem with colored chalk on black paper. Put their pictures together to make a class book.