Password and Gate Keeper

This simple technique can be used to reinforce shapes, colors, letters, words, etc.

Each day write a letter, word, etc. on a sentence strip and tape it to the top of your door frame. Explain that it is the "password" of the day and they must look at it and whisper it every time they go in and out the door.

Hint! You can also choose one child each day to be the "gate keeper." That child stands at the door with their arm out. As each child correctly identifies the password, the gatekeeper puts up their arm and lets them out.

Circles, Lines, and Huddles

Organize children for different activities by teaching them these commands:

SPAGHETTI – When you say, “Spaghetti,” children make a straight line like a spaghetti noodle.

GRAPES – Children form a huddle and cluster around you like a bunch of grapes.

PUMPKIN – Children sit on the floor in a circle like pumpkins.

ORANGES – Children hold hands and make a circle.

These two cards are part of the set available this month.

Click here to download Activity Cards 7 through 12.