Top Ten “Secrets” for Successful Classroom Management


  1. Be firm, fair, and consistent.
    • Be calm and use a quiet voice.
  2. Follow a daily schedule.
    • Post the schedule and label with photographs.
    • Start each day in a happy way.
    •Use routines and rituals.
  3. Communicate clearly and concisely.
    • Use your body language, facial expression, and tone of voice.
    • Use sign language.
  4. Have a few classroom rules that are simple and affirmative.
    • Be specific about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
  5. Use positive guidance techniques.
    • Redirect.
    • Use words.
    • Natural consequences.
    • Choices.
    • Discipline in private.
  6. Prevent problems whenever possible.
    • Observe and document. (Children tell us things by their behavior.)
    • Problem solve with the children.
    • Divide and conquer. (Disperse children who don’t get along or disrupt.)
  7. Use a variety of teaching strategies and grouping techniques.
    •Large group.
    • Small group.
    • Independent.
    • Choices.
  8. Provide children with opportunities to vent energy.
    • Brain breaks.
    • Sing and dance.
    • Exercise.
    • ”Talking” recess.
  9. Only do what only you can do!
    • Encourage children to accept responsibility.
    • Be a model for them.
    • Set high expectations.
  10. Keep a bag of tricks up your sleeve!
    • Songs, finger plays, games, puppets, etc.

Keep a sense of humor!
“Nothin’ to do but smile, smile, smile.” (Grateful Dead)