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Celebrate when a child loses a tooth by using their name in this song. The tune is “Turkey in the Straw.”

   Oh, look in child’s name mouth
   And what do you see?
   A great, big hole where a tooth used to be.
   Well, they wiggled it and jiggled it until it wiggled free.
   Now, there’s a window when they smile at me.

Hint! Make a book called “I Lost a Tooth.” Children get to draw their picture and write a story in the book when they lose a tooth.

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New Shoes (All Day Long CD)


New shoes are a “big deal” if you’re a child, so here’s a song to sing to them at circle time to the tune of “This Old Man”:

   Here’s one foot.                   (Child stands up, points to
   Here are two.                         shoes and dances around.)
   Each is wearing a brand, new shoe.
   So stand up turn around dance around the floor.
   That’s what these two feet are for.

Make a book called the “New Shoe Book.” Children get to draw a picture or write about their new shoes after you sing the song to them.