Mud Pies
- One of my children's favorite activities at the end of the year was making mud pies. You will need instant chocolate pudding, milk, flat bottom ice cream cones, and a plastic container. Pour the chocolate pudding (mud) in the container. Add the milk and put the top on. Pass the container around as children take turns shaking it. Open and serve in the ice cream cones.

Click to download a Mud Pie Recipe

Celebrate! Check out my January, 2005, website for other special ways to celebrate your last few days of school. Water play, beach party, hat day, sports day, and cowboy round-up are just a few of the fun ideas you'll find. One of my favorite memories is of a Talent Show we had at the end of the school year. I just invited all the children to think of a "talent" (song, dance, story, gymnastic stunt) they could do. We sat in a circle and they all got up and performed! We clapped and laughed and had a ball!