By Dr. Holly

Blueberries and swimming pools are blue;
I’ve seen blue birds, and blue fish too.
Blue is the ocean, blue is the sky,
And some people have two bright blue eyes;

Dresses, shirts, and pants can be blue
Houses, bicycles, balls, and shoes.
Look all around you and then tell me
Everything blue that you can see!

It Is Time to Say Good-Bye
(Tune: Comin’ Round the Mountain)

It is time to say good-bye
To all our friends.
It is time for the School year to end.
We’ve had so much fun.
I’ll miss everyone.
It’s time to say good-bye
To all our friends.

(Tune: “Sailing, Sailing”)

Swimming, swimming,        
In the swimming pool.         
When days are hot             
Or days are cool                  
In the swimming pool.          
Back stroke, side stroke,     
Fancy diving, too.                 
There’s no place                   
I would rather be
Than in the swimming pool.     

(Swim arms.)
(Make an invisible square in front of you.)
(Fan self.)
(Cross arms and shiver.)
(Make an invisible square.)  
(Swim backwards, and then on side.)
(Put arms over head as if diving.)
(Shake head “no.”)  

(Make invisible square.)