Book Raffle - What to do with all those books your class has created over the year? Number the books and have a raffle. Put similar numbers in a "hat" and let each child draw one. They'll each go home with a book to help them remember their friends.

Adaptation: Here's a similar idea a teacher shared with me. The teacher ran off "book bucks" similar to dollar bills on green paper. She passed these out as an incentive for positive behavior the last few weeks of school. The children could then use their "book bucks" to buy collaborative books the last day of school.

Book Bucks
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Grocery Sack Backpack - Here's an idea to help you clean out desks, cubbies, and closets. Every child will need a paper grocery sack. You will also need a small piece of Velcro and fabric cut in 2" x 24" strips. Cut off three sides of the sack half way down from the top. Cut four slits 2" wide in the back of the bag. Thread two strips of fabric through the slits and tie the ends in knots inside to make handles. Bring the top flap down on the opposite side and secure with a strip of Velcro. Let children decorate these with markers and crayons. They can take home crayons, pencils, scissors and other supplies in their backpacks to use over the summer.

Grocery Sack Backpack
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