Dig a hole.                  (Make hole with left fist.)
Plant a seed.              (Insert right index finger in hole.)
Up comes a flower.   (Bring right hand up through left fist.)
Pull out a weed.         (Pretend to pluck a weed from hole.)

Spring Garden

Take clear plastic cups and line the inside with a paper towel as shown. Fill the middle with sand or soil. Place popcorn kernels and other seeds between the cup and paper towel. Water and place in a sunny window. The children can observe the seed as it germinates and grows.

Hint! Encourage children to bring in apple seeds, orange seeds, or other seeds from home to plant in the cups. What would happen if you planted jelly beans? Would a penny grow into a money tree?

Seed Cup

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Dirt Pie

You will need instant chocolate pudding, whipped topping, crushed Oreo cookies, sunflower seeds, gummy worms, and clear plastic cups for this cooking activity. First, let each child make a flower and attach it to a straw. Prepare the pudding and assemble the other ingredients. Each child takes a cup and fills it half full with pudding. Then put in a layer of whipped topping. Next, sprinkle crushed cookies (dirt) on top. Plant a seed (sunflower) and add a worm (gummy). Stick in the flower and you're ready for a yummy dirt pie! Click here to download a recipe for Dirt Pie.