Let's go to sleep            (Wiggle fingers.)
The little caterpillars said.
So they curled up         (Cross fingers and
In a chrysalis bed.         close hands as if praying.)

They will awaken         (Open fingers slowly.)
By and by,
And each one will be  (Clasp thumbs and
A lovely butterfly!           wiggle fingers like wings.)

(Tune: Up on the Housetop)

First comes the butterfly
Who lays an egg.
Out comes a caterpillar
With many legs.
Then the caterpillar
Spins and spins
A little chrysalis
To sleep in.

Oh, oh, oh!
Look and see.
Oh, oh, oh!
Look and see.
Out of the chrysalis,
My, oh, my!
Out comes a
Beautiful butterfly!

Click for information about downloading a butterfly take home book.

Life Cycle Project

Ask children to bring in a stick from home. Explain that it should be as long as their foot. Have them glue a piece of rice on the left end of their stick to represent the caterpillar's "egg." Next, glue on a corkscrew pasta for the "caterpillar." Glue a seashell pasta on next for the "chrysalis." Finally, glue a bowtie pasta on the red end of the stick for the "butterfly."
Encourage children to describe the life cycle of the butterfly using their stick.

Hint! You could also use a bean for the egg, fuzzy yarn for the caterpillar, cotton ball for the chrysalis, and tissue paper for the butterfly.

Life Cycle - Chrysalis
Click for a larger image