Baggie Butterfly

You will need a zip sandwich bag, tissue paper, and a pipe cleaner for this project. Let children tear tissue paper into little pieces and put it in the bag. Close. Squeeze the bag in the middle and twist around the pipe cleaner for the body as shown. Hang from the ceiling or attach a piece of string so children can "fly" it.

Baggie Butterfly

Butterfly Puppet

Children will need to bring an old sock from home for this puppet. First, let them decorate the outside of the sock to look like a caterpillar. They can use markers, pompoms, etc.

Next, prepare a butterfly using a coffee filter. Children fold the coffee filter into eighths. Using an eye drop, have them drop colored water onto the coffee filter. Open and dry. Scrunch up in the middle and fasten on a pipe cleaner for the body and antenna.


Turn the sock inside out and pin the butterfly inside. Children can begin the song about the butterfly by inserting their hand into the sock. For the "chrysalis," have them begin turning the sock inside out. As the butterfly emerges, they stick their hand in the sock to reveal the butterfly.


Butterfly Bites

Children will enjoy assembling and eating this butterfly. You will need celery cut in 4" pieces, cream cheese, and pretzel twists. First, spread cream cheese in the hollow part of the celery. Insert two pretzels on either side for wings. Click here to download a recipe for Butterfly Bites.

Hint! Make a language experience chart with these directions so children can make these at a center.