Nature Day - Take a nature walk and do nature arts and crafts. Have children look through binoculars made from paper towel rolls and write or draw what they see in nature.

Nursery Rhyme Party - Encourage each child to memorize a nursery rhyme. Invite parents or another class and let children get up and recite their rhymes. Serve "Humpty Dumpty" egg salad sandwiches, "Jack Horner" pizza pie, and the "Little Teapot's" tea.

Opera Day - Instead of talking, sing all day. Sing to answer the roll, read, or do math.

Pajama Party - Children wear pajamas, bring sleeping bags, and watch a video as they eat popcorn.

Pet Day - Bring real pets (with adult supervision), stuffed animals, or pictures of pets.

Pizza Party - Set up a pizza parlor in the classroom with menus, waiters, food, and a cashier. Make homemade pizza from English muffins, tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

Pumpkin Day - Everyone brings a small pumpkin to decorate. Count seeds, make pumpkin bread, and brainstorm all the things you can do with a pumpkin.

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