Valentine's Day - You know when this is! Check out my February websites for LOVELY ideas!

Wash Day - Wear old clothes and bring sponges, pails, and squirt bottles. Let children wash playground equipment, desks, toys, etc. (Tie this in with a water play day at the end of the school year.)

Winter Picnic - When it's cold outside, spread a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic.

X Marks the Spot - Hide clues and set up a treasure hunt around the playground with a prize for everyone at the end. Let children draw their own treasure maps.

Yellow Day - Children wear yellow, paint with yellow, have a yellow snack, and find things that are yellow on a nature walk. (Change for other colors.)

Zany Day - Wear silly clothes that don't match. Tell jokes, sing silly songs, and read riddle books.

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