Sock Hop - Wear funny socks, take off your shoes, and have a dance.

Sports Day - Wear shirts and hats of favorite teams. Bring balls, bats, racquets, and other sports equipment and play, play, play!

Tasting Party - Everyone brings a favorite food to share with classmates. Encourage children to bring healthy foods, and ask parents to prepare the food into bite size pieces.

Teddy Bear Parade - Children bring in a teddy bear or stuffed animal and parade around the classroom. Have them write stories and draw pictures of what they like to do with their bear.

Toy Day - Children bring a favorite toy from home and share with their friends. (This works well after Christmas vacation.)

Unbirthday Party - How about a birthday party when it's everyone's "unbirthday"? Play party games, sing, and decorate cupcakes.

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