January 2009


Highway Letters

I’m not sure who introduced me to these highway letters, but they are soooo COOOL! The best part is you can download them free at makinglearningfun.com.

Here are some suggestions I’ve come up with for how you could use them in your classroom:

• Put copies of letters in a clear sheet protector with the uppercase letter on one side and the lowercase letter on the other side.


• Drive over letters with little cars.

• Roll play dough and place it on the letters.

• Place blocks or other manipulatives on letters.


• Lay letters on the floor to make children’s names and then drive over the letters with little cars. Older kids could make words on the floor and blend sounds as they drive over them.


• Trace over the letters with a dry erase marker and then erase with a damp cloth.
• Put letters in a magnetic photo album. Trace over the letters with a dark crayon. Erase with dryer sheets.
• Hole punch the top corners of the letters and tie on a piece of string. Children can wear these like letter vests to sing some of these alphabet songs:

    - Who Let the Letters Out?
    - Happy Birthday Letters
    - Seven Little Letters
    - This Is a Tale
   - Sing and Sign

• Use highway letter vests for phonics activities such as:

   - Making CVC words
   - Chunking
   - Silent E
   - Word play



You can also download highway numerals and shapes at makinglearningfun.com!

Hint! Save yourself time and an ink cartridge by asking a parent to download the letters for you.

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