January 2009


Magic March! ~
March, 2009 -

Here are great ideas
Just for you!

If you need a little “magic” to spark up your classroom, you’re going to love this month’s activities! They are simple, easy, and sure to engage the children’s interest! Many of the ideas are from teachers just like YOU who have attended my seminars. (I tried to give you credit if you gave me your name, but please forgive me otherwise.)

Harvesting Teacher Ideas
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I joked recently about teachers “stealing” ideas from each other. Someone corrected me and said, “Teachers don’t actually steal, they HARVEST ideas from other teachers!” And how true that is! Take an idea, tweak it, add your personality to it, and make it work for your students and curriculum! Taadaa! Now that’s what I call TEACHER MAGIC!

You will find suggestions and ideas on the following pages. Check out every one of them.

Downloads for March - We have downloadable PowerPoint, Flash and pdf files for you this month. Be sure to check the Five Little Monkeys pdf with activities and instructions for your students. The activity was created by Wende Dickey, Pre-KSGA Elementary, Sardis, GA. Just use the Downloads button in the menu to the left.

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